Neck and Back pain

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Back Pain:

Back pain afflicts up to 90% of people at some stage of their lives and the impact can be devastating. The causes of low back pain vary from individual to individual, although the two most common causes are prolonged slouched sitting, and lifting incorrectly. Sedentary lifestyle and being overweight can also contribute to low back pain because the stabilising abdominal muscles switch off and the discs get compressed respectively.
It is vital to consult your regular treating health professional if you have suffered a severe episode of back pain.
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Neck Pain
The most common cause of neck pain is poor and prolonged slouched sitting posture. The longer you sit, the more your middle back becomes rounded and the neck protrudes forward. Eventually aching and pain will be felt in the neck due to the weight of the head compressing on the very small and vulnerable neck joints and discs.

Another common cause of neck pain is sleeping on your stomach as the neck is forced to fully rotate asymmetrically to one side which leads to aching and pain