FB Ezi Fit 3/4 Soft New
Low volume cushioned support in dress footwear These 3/4 length orthoses are specially designed f..
text_tax HK$700.00

FB Ezi Fit 3/4 New
These 3/4 length orthoses are specially designed for dress or low volume footwear. The curved un..
text_tax HK$700.00

FB Cushion Slim New
Exactly the same profile and base foam as our cushion model however excluding the  2mm Ortholit..
text_tax HK$700.00

FB Heel Raise New
Medium density 8mm heel raise. Perfect for many different conditions affecting : the ..
text_tax HK$40.00

FB Forefoot Addition New
Convenient premoulded 4 degree forefoot posting. Tapered and with trim lines for..
text_tax HK$34.00

Heel & Toe HK Ltd

Caring For Your Feet

You only have one pair of feet for life.

Key aspects of good foot health are: exercise, regular self checks (and if necessary a visit to a health professional or podiatrist) and wearing quality shoes that are comfortable and a good fit.