Ino LymPure New
• Promote lymphatic circulation or flow   • Reduce inflammation and improve circulation &nbs..
text_tax HK$480.00

ZinZino Balance Oil New
Select natural raw materials and ingredients, adopt comprehensive synergistic formula, Helps m..
text_tax HK$450.00

Ino Allium Plus New
Care For Your Digestive Health Inovital Allium Plus is a combination of five ingredients: Garli..
text_tax HK$610.00

Ino Cassia Plus New
Special To Care Your Eyes Inovital Cassia Plus is a combination of three ingredients: Cassia Seed..
text_tax HK$610.00

Ino BeauBerries Drink New
It is rich in 4 kinds of natural berries "Cranberry, Macchiberry, Acai berry, Elderberry", and..
text_tax HK$560.00

Heel & Toe HK Ltd

Caring For Your Feet

You only have one pair of feet for life.

Key aspects of good foot health are: exercise, regular self checks (and if necessary a visit to a health professional or podiatrist) and wearing quality shoes that are comfortable and a good fit.