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Sock & Accessory
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With organic essential oils of wintergreen, rosemary camphor, juniper and eucalyptus globulus. Pr..
HK$460.00 Ex Tax: HK$460.00
INVIGORATING MASSAGE OIL (100ml) Its formula contains organic sweet orange, cypress, mountain pin..
HK$520.00 Ex Tax: HK$520.00
The Refreshing Legs Gel provides the legs with a sensation of comfort and lightness. Its active..
HK$380.00 Ex Tax: HK$380.00
RELIEVING MASSAGE OIL (100ml – 3.38 FL.OZ) Reduces muscle pain Specifically designed to facili..
HK$520.00 Ex Tax: HK$520.00
DECONGESTING THROAT SPRAY  (15ml – 0.50 FL.OZ) with honey and propolis extracts The Dec..
HK$490.00 Ex Tax: HK$490.00
The HV3 Bunion Bracing Sleeve was created using a light-flex toe splint along with an anatomically c..
HK$180.00 Ex Tax: HK$180.00
Targeted Conditions: Bunion Pain Toe Separation Toe Friction Performance Features: ..
HK$280.00 Ex Tax: HK$280.00
  Titaniam Dioxide coated with Apatite Anti-fungal Anti-bacterial deodorant Kill ge..
HK$128.00 Ex Tax: HK$128.00
Gel Splints are ideal for buddy wrapping and immobilizing injured fingers or toes. The soft gel pad ..
HK$128.00 Ex Tax: HK$128.00
providec support self adhesive ..
HK$20.00 Ex Tax: HK$20.00