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Auziere massage balm New
With organic essential oils of wintergreen, rosemary camphor, juniper and eucalyptus globulus. Pr..
HK$460.00 Ex Tax: HK$460.00
Auziere massage cream New
The Concentrated Massage Cream helps to enhance well-being and to preserve mobility at any age. ..
HK$410.00 Ex Tax: HK$410.00
Auziere Refleshing leg gel New
The Refreshing Legs Gel provides the legs with a sensation of comfort and lightness. Its active..
HK$380.00 Ex Tax: HK$380.00
Auziere soothing roll New
The Soothing Roll-On helps to diminish sensations of heat and discomfort from first use. Contai..
HK$430.00 Ex Tax: HK$430.00
CoolKnot no tie shoelaces allow you to lace up your shoes in whatever fashion fits ..
HK$70.00 Ex Tax: HK$70.00
CoolKnot no tie shoelaces allow you to lace up your shoes in whatever fashion fits ..
HK$76.00 Ex Tax: HK$76.00
Derma Sox New
2 pair pack: 60 days treatment Suitable for Diabetic and General Footcare Latex-free Time r..
HK$220.00 Ex Tax: HK$220.00
Apply pressure on targeted muscle. Provides direct/ intense deep tissue compression for fast re..
HK$120.00 Ex Tax: HK$120.00
The mini lamp consumes 5 times less than a classic diffuser and allowss about 8 hours of lasting dif..
HK$290.00 Ex Tax: HK$290.00
100 % ethanol derived from plant extract. Purifies air, pleasantly. Eliminates odours. 500ml ..
HK$320.00 Ex Tax: HK$320.00
The Gel Foot Cover is ideal for use with activities that place stress on the toes and metatars..
HK$220.00 Ex Tax: HK$220.00
provide relief to the metatarsal heads of the foot the ball of foot gel cushion are two layers ..
HK$158.00 Ex Tax: HK$158.00
providec comfort and relief to heel area cushion heel from slipping and provide better shoe fit..
HK$120.00 Ex Tax: HK$120.00
Ziera self adhesive suede leather preveny slipping ..
HK$90.00 Ex Tax: HK$90.00
The KS7 Socks features include: Relieve knee pain by providing warmth, strength, and support t..
HK$280.00 Ex Tax: HK$280.00